New Music Playlist: September 2020

Top row left to right: Daniela Andrade, Wife Patrol, Anjimile, Lomelda, Gianna Lauren; bottom row: Kamilla Love, Pearl Charles, bugsy, Corey Flood, Jamila Woods

Every month I put together a playlist of the new releases that I’ve been loving from the past month. Even though we’re half-way through October, I’m still rotating through my September New Music Playlist regularly. It features some amazing new releases (and maybe even a couple of my favorite albums of 2020)! I haven’t been able to stop listening to Jamilla Woods’s new single “SULA” (both the hardcover and paperback versions), Corey Flood’s album Hanging Garden, new songs from bugsy, Gianna Lauren, and The Sonder Bombs — and more!

Lomelda’s latest album Hannah is the perfect soundtrack to an early fall day. Arguably her most personal record yet, Hannah (which is named after singer-songwriter Hannah Read) is full of delicate and emotionally bare songs. Many use Lomelda’s signature instrumentation of guitar and vocals, but various songs build a larger sound with piano, electric guitar, and a full band.

One of the albums I’ve been listening to most this past month has been Giver Taker, the gorgeous debut from Anjimile. I stumbled upon Anjimile through my Twitter feed, and I’m so happy that I became introduced to his music. The arrangements on Giver Taker are complex and textured, yet still feel effortless. The album contains a large dynamic range, from the soft “Maker” to the toe-tapping “Baby No More.”

Kamilla Love released an amazing new EP, 3AM, in September. The Minneapolis-based artist has released two other EPs on Soundcloud, but 3AM is her most ambitious and cohesive project to date. The EP begins and ends with a swelling soundscape that sucks you into Love’s sonic universe. “3am” is a downtempo track that shows off Love’s soaring voice, and “Replay” combines danceable beats with heartbreaking lyrics.

Those are just a couple of the releases that I’ve been digging into, but you can use the player below to listen to my full September playlist:

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