PTM Podcast: Unapologetically a Smart Mouth with Riverby’s Sophia Greenberg

Riverby - Promo 4 - Liam Gordon.png
Members of Riverby. Photo by Liam Gordon.

“You say I’m such a smart mouth / never learned to shut up!” The opening words to “Smart Mouth,” the title track off of Riverby’s debut album, don’t ease you in — they toss you right in the center of the unapologetically raucous record.

Riverby released Smart Mouth on July 10 with Take This To Heart Records. The Philadelphia-based band is led by singer and guitarist Sophia Greenberg (they/them), who joined me on this week’s episode of the podcast.

Although Smart Mouth is their first album, Sophia has been working on some of these songs for more than five years — while others were written in the studio on the same day that they were recorded. As a whole, Smart Mouth is a confident and energetic album that pays homage to Riverby’s influences, which range from Mayday Parade to Alanis Morissette and Liz Phair.

Sophia and I talked about how their mom cultivated their love of music, building Riverby’s rock-solid lineup, and releasing an album that’s been years in the making. Use the player above to listen to our conversation, or find the episode on PodbeanApple Podcasts, and Spotify.

Songs included in this episode: “Smart Mouth” and “Giving Tree” by Riverby

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