Genevieve Artadi roams Tokyo in “Godzillaaaa” music video

Genevieve Artadi Godzillaaaa
Still from Genevieve Artadi’s music video “Godzillaaaa”

Genevieve Artadi (KNOWER, Expensive Magnets) is an ad-lib DIY artist with strong roots in the LA jazz scene. Beyond her classical musical education at California State University, Artadi is a vocalist, composer and producer. Her second solo album, Dizzy Strange Summer, is her first self-produced project to be issued on a record label. The 16-track LP is set to release on July 17th via Brainfeeder Records

Artadi has released several singles and accompanying music videos to light the way for the album. The most recent, “Godzillaaaa,” resulted from a collaboration with Adam Jay Weissman of Real Bad Man. Weissman is featured on the track and credited with helping to write, produce, and direct the video.

“Godzillaaaa” brings a much edgier electronic sound than one may expect from Artadi’s background in jazz. She sings frankly about going insane and we see that mirrored in the video. As Artadi aimlessly rambles the streets we see her getting more and more frustrated.

She knows she must break free of this monster and the restraints it has put her in. We see  Artadi constantly drinking, flipping the camera, and wandering haphazardly through a hazy green filter, with the urgency to break free from this toxicity increasing. I was on the edge of my seat, trying to see if she could elude her Godzilla. 

The vlog-style video’s hands-on filming and minimal editing makes you feel like you’re watching from Artadi’s phone. This intimate point-of-view combined with distorted synth makes this the perfect video to dance like nobody’s watching. The electrifying urban landscape, fierce beat, and psychedelic influences will sweep you off your feet.

Dizzy Strange Summer is available for preorder now. Find more Genevieve Artadi on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Bandcamp.

Miranda Roberts is a recent graduate from the University of Kansas with a passion for writing, music obsession, and a serious crossword puzzle addiction.

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