Snarls and the Sonder Bombs join forces for “A Really Cool Split”

Artwork by Mick Martinez.

Miranda Roberts shares the details about a new split from Snarls and the Sonder Bombs which benefits the NAACP Legal Defense Fund:

A Really Cool Split is just that, a really cool collaborative EP between two Ohio-based bands: Snarls and the Sonder Bombs. The bands have committed to donating all the proceeds from this June 19th release to the NAACP Legal Defense Fund

This four song EP features each band covering the other, new music from the Sonder Bombs, and a Snarls’ acoustic. 

Willow Hawks, Jimmy Wilkens, and Kevin Cappy make up the Cleveland trio that is the Sonder Bombs. These three weren’t afraid to throw a ukulele into a pop-punk band and the result is unequaled. Their Columbus pop-punk counterpart consists of Chlo White, Riley Hal, Mick Martinez, and Max Martinez. Snarls marries roaring lyrics with pointed pop-punk. These unabashed groups make the perfect pairing to reimagine eachother’s tracks and create something new.

The split starts off with “Walk In The Woods – (Acoustic),” a song Pass The Mic founder Colleen Cowie spoke with Snarls about in March. The band told Cowie that while writing the original version of the song they “needed an upbeat song that [they] could just dance to.” The acoustic version will still have you bobbing your head, but allows you to focus more on the introspective lyrics. This song is about finding your path and learning to navigate through the thicket. 

Snarls keep up this reflective folk momentum on track 2 a cover of the Sonder Bombs’, “Twinkle Lights.” While the 2018 song was originally written to Hawks’ former self, Snarls are able to capture this intimacy in their rendition. 

Track 3 is a new song entirely, but it still has the Sonder Bombs’ signature ukulele sound. “Pindrop” pays homage to a friend who passed away but is far from forgotten. The EP ends with “Marbles,” a Snarls cover by The Sonder Bombs. Guitar lines are traded for synth blips, but both versions pack a punch.

A Really Cool Split is out now via Take This To Heart Records. 100 percent of all Bandcamp & Store Digital sales will go to support the NAACP.

Miranda Roberts is a senior studying marketing and journalism at the University of Kansas.


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