Grimalkin Records release statement and tips for white folks to make DIY music more inclusive

Gr statement release 2020

Queer focused record label and artist collective Grimalkin Records has been fighting for inclusivity in the music scene since their inception. The label releases music from all over the world and raises money for “QTBIPOC, grassroots social justice & civil rights organizations and mutual aid collectives throughout the USA and worldwide.” Gimalkin’s vast catalogue shows a wide range, from the gritty rap of Backxwash’s album God Has Nothing To Do With This Leave Him Out Of It to the electronic pop of Sylken Sommers. The recently released Grimalkin Sampler is a great introduction to the label’s many artists.

Earlier today, on Juneteenth, Grimalkin released a statement written by several of their Black collective members addressing the label’s commitment to “bringing inclusivity into the music scene and using our talents to raise money to fund QTBIPOC civil rights organizations, grassroots & social justice movements worldwide.”

Grimalkin also released a list of tangible ways that labels and white folks in DIY music can actively promote inclusivity and social justice. While the list is geared towards labels, it provides useful information for anyone involved in music, whether you’re a musician, promoter, listener, or blogger.

In their statement, Grimalkin remind us that “you won’t be able to do this overnight.” Recognizing white privilege and making music more inclusive are tasks we’ll face every day, and Grimalkin give us tools that we can consistently work on.

Read the full list below:

Gr Statement 1

Gr Statement 2

Gr Statement 3

Gr Statement 4

Gr Statement 5

You can keep up with Grimalkin at their website, and on Bandcamp and Patreon.

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