Marem Ladson Contemplates Life’s Path in New “Círculos” Video

Marem Ladson (Photo by Adriana Roslin)

Miranda Roberts gives us the low-down on a new music video from Spain’s Marem Ladson that finds meaning in a desert path.

Bilingual indie-folk artist Marem Ladson, shared her “Círculos” video one month after her Mont Ventoux EP release. “Círculos” was filmed in Andalusia, Spain and serves as a companion piece for her “No Sentir Nada” video. 

The video opens with a single spotlight on our cave-dwelling cowgirl. Clad in cowboy boots, Ladson roams the Tabernas Desert until she gets trapped. In time with the computerized key change, she finds herself under a thin veil. Her light falsetto lyrics reveal a sense of peace as she meditates this seemingly predetermined path.

Marem said, “this is a universal question that many writers and philosophers have discussed throughout history, and it’s something that was on my mind when I wrote the song. If everything is part of a plan and there’s a bigger force that already knows what’s going to happen, then our lives are already determined.” 

The way each phrase rolls into the next is any choir teacher’s dream. Despite that, Marem Ladson shows far more potential than a secondary school soloist. She has toured extensively in Spain and Portugal and opened for Cat Power.

Azul’s lo-fi R&B sound is modern and confident. On “Fight” and “Savior” she repeats self-reliant lyrics over gentle guitar. “I’m putting up a fight” / “I’m my own savior now.” 

While a trip to the spanish desert is out of the question for now, Marem Ladson will be performing songs from her new Azul EP on Facebook Live for Earmilk on Wednesday, April 15th at 3PM ET. Azul came out March 6 and features 3 songs in Spanish and 2 in English.

Miranda Roberts is a senior studying marketing and journalism at the University of Kansas.

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