Playlist: Snarls share their Columbus gems

Photo by Brian Kaiser.

Earlier this month, Snarls released their debut album Burst. I called up the Columbus-based band to learn about the album and the heartache, life transitions, and music that influenced it. In the process, I also learned quite a bit about the bustling music scene in Snarls’ hometown.

“I think a lot of beautiful things come out of this city, and I don’t think any one is worried about sticking to one kind of sound,” drummer Max Martinez said of Columbus. “There’s folk bands that come out of this city, there’s hardcore bands, alternative bands, psych bands. Most people are really accepting of what art their friends are making and will support them.”

“It’s very supportive” added guitarist Mick Martinez. “I have never felt like it’s been a race to the top or a competition. Everybody is constantly lifting one another up. It’s insane how many bands are in Columbus right now, and how many are really, really good. Everybody feels very confident and comfortable playing and expressing themselves because everybody is constantly hyping each other up.”

The band described Columbus as a “hidden gem,” full of great music. So now, they’ve put together a playlist of some of their favorite bands and artists to come out of the city.  You can check out the full playlist below.

While you’re at it, it’s important to remember that many (if not all) of these artists have been impacted by show cancellations and social distancing lately. Like what you hear? Consider purchasing their music or buying some merch. You can check out our full guide for more ways to support artists affected by COVID-19.

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