PTM Podcast: Bandmates second, brothers first with Gully Boys

Gully Boys
Nadi McGill, Kathy Callahan, and Natalie Klemond of Gully Boys. Photo: Merideth Wohl.

Kathy Callahan (she/her), Nadi McGill (they/them), and Natalie Klemond (she/her) have been fans of each other long before they formed a band. Kathy and Natalie met in middle school, where they played in a “fake band” together. Nadi followed Kathy on Twitter before they worked at the same Ragstock, and was immediately obsessed with Natalie’s Lava Girl costume at a Halloween Party.

Now, the trio are more than bandmates, or even friends — Gully Boys affectionately refer to themselves as “brothers” — and sitting down with the three of them, it’s clear that their music is inseparable from their close-knit relationship. 

I met up with Gully Boys on the same day that they released a new song and music video, “New Song No. 2.” In the video, directed by Maria Davidson, the boys channel the looks of some of the most iconic boy bands, from NSYNC to the Beatles. “New Song No. 2” is off of the band’s upcoming EP Phony, which comes out on Dec. 20.

“All of these songs together really emulate the word ‘phony’ to me, and the experience of feeling phony and figuring yourself out,” said Kathy about the EP. Since the release of their debut album Not So Brave in 2018, Gully Boys have been on a path to find themselves, define their sound, and make peace with other people’s perceptions of them. “I think we just worked harder on these songs than we’ve ever worked on songs before,” added Natalie.

On this episode of the podcast, I talked with Gully Boys about their new EP Phony, how they used cheap wigs to recreate the locks of Dave Grohl and Joey Fatone, and so much more. You can stream the episode using the player above, or subscribe via PodbeanApple Podcasts, and Spotify.

Songs included in this episode: “New Song No. 2” and “Neopet Graveyard” by Gully Boys

This episode of The Pass The Mic Podcast was recorded by Allie Pasiuk and edited by Colleen Cowie. If you want to support the people who make this podcast and Pass The Mic possible, you can head to our Patreon at

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