New Music Playlist: October 2019

NM Playlist October 2019
Top row left to right: Vagabon, Lettering, Angel Olsen, Lisa Prank, Big Thief; bottom row: Ghetto Sage, Marinho, Keep for Cheap, Harmony Woods, Julien Baker

October is one of my favorite months to take walks and enjoy the changing leaves. Living in Minnesota, there is an ever-ticking clock before the onset of snowfalls and blistering temperatures, so it’s important to take advantage of the fall months while the weather is above freezing. Like the weather, this month’s new music has given me time to pause and reflect — to slow down from the flurry of activity and take a minute to shut my eyes and just listen to a song without focusing on anything else. Now, I’ve compiled a playlist of some of my favorite finds from October to show you what I’ve been loving.

Angel Olsen returned this month with the orchestral and cavernous All Mirrors. The album is a departure from the stripped back arrangements of Olsen’s singer-songwriter days, and creates climactic moments out of gargantuan, but tasteful string arrangements.

Big Thief also came back with a new album, Two Hands, barely off the heels of U.F.O.F, which they dropped just last MayThere is hardly a better pairing than Big Thief and autumnal weather. (Seriously, if you haven’t taken a walk to admire the changing fall leaves while listening to Adrianne Lenker’s mystical musings, I would highly recommend it.)

Lisbon-based artist Marinho released a killer debut EP in October, mysteriously titled ~ (read: “tilde”). I caught up with songwriter Filipa Marinho over the phone to learn more about writing and recording her first EP as Marinho, using music as a soundboard for emotions, and taking inspiration from Joni Mitchell.

Rappers Noname, Smino, and Saba teamed up to form the supergroup Ghetto Sage, and released their first single, “Häagen Dazs.” You can read more about the Midwestern hip-hop trifecta in this post from writer Fiona Boler.

Indie pop powerhouse Keep for Cheap released their debut EP Get Along earlier this month, and I am so excited to finally have a full collection of songs from the St. Paul band. The EP features the bubbly “Day Without You,” released earlier this year as a single, as well as a handful of songs that show off the band’s dynamic range and charming songwriting.

One of my favorite songs from October is the single “ppl plzr” from illuminati hotties. The song is available for purchase on Bandcamp, and all proceeds go to the Trevor Project.

You can listen to these songs, and more October releases in the full playlist below.

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