PTM Podcast: Keeping it under wraps with Danielle and Laura of Scrunchies

Scrunchies Laura Danielle
Danielle Cusack (left) and Laura Larson (right) of Scrunchies performing at the Fine Line on 10/25/19 (Photos: Téa McLawhorn).

When Scrunchies released their debut album Stunner in June 2018, it seemed like this supergroup of Minneapolis musicians dropped from the sky — and that’s because they didn’t tell anyone about the band until after they had recorded an entire album, made a music video, and booked their first show.

For this episode of the Pass The Mic Podcast, I met up with Laura Larson and Danielle Cuscak, two of Scrunchies’ founding members. The band has undergone some lineup changes over the years, and Scrunchies is now a trio with Matt Castore on bass.

Although they had never played in a band together, Danielle and Laura quickly blazed through writing and recording their first album. After all, the two were already fans of each other’s bands, like Danielle’s Tony Peachka and Bruise Violet or Laura’s projects Kitten Forever and Baby Guts.

I talked with Danielle and Laura about how Scrunchies kept their debut album Stunner under wraps, creating conversational and dynamic instrumentals, and writing new songs for their second album. 

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Songs included in this episode: “Wichita” and “Double Vision” by Scrunchies

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