Listen to Hit Like A Girl’s powerfully personal new single, “No More Dysphoria”

Hit Like A Girl No More Dysphoria
Single artwork for “No More Dysphoria” by Hit Like A Girl (artwork by Zoe Reynolds).

Since founding New Jersey band Hit Like A Girl, Nicolle Maroulis has used their music not just as a tool for artistic expression, but also as a way to champion the social issues close to their heart. Today, Hit Like A Girl released a new single, “No More Dysphoria,” a powerfully personal song that responds to the exhaustion of misgendering, microagressions, and constantly having to explain your identity.

“No More Dysphoria” shares a name with the nonprofit organization that Maroulis runs, which helps transgender individuals pay for aspects of their transition. While the song shares deep ties with Maroulis’ work as an organizer and fundraiser, it is also a deeply personal reflection of their own experiences.

In a Twitter post for the single, Maroulis writes that the song is about their “experience being a non-binary person.” “I feel this ‘unspoken pressure’ from society to constantly have to explain myself and my gender identity,” Maroulis continues in the post.

In October, Hit Like A Girl is on tour with Brooklyn band Nervous Dater, en route to the Gainesville, FL music festival the Fest. At each stop on tour, Maroulis plans to donate funds raised from the nonprofit No More Dysphoria to members of the local community.

Listen below:

No More Dysphoria by Hit Like a Girl

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