Lettering share new single “YBP”

YBP - Lettering
Album artwork for Lettering’s single “YBP” (PJ Rork).

“Can I avoid this parking ticket?” It’s a simple question, maybe one you find yourself asking after putting your blinkers on in a no park zone that soon sends you spiraling into a flurry of fears about the trajectory of your twenties.

This line opens “YBP,” a new single from Chicago trio Lettering. The song is off of the band’s upcoming sophomore album, Harbringer/Less Violent.

“YBP” begins with an explosive burst of energy that quiets to a simmer halfway through the song. Fuzzy power chords give way to lyrical guitar riffs, and Lettering build the song back up piece by piece with a skillfully controlled breakdown.

Listen to “YBP,” and keep an eye out for Harbringer/Less Violent, which comes out on October 1 via Twin Cities DIT (“Do It Together”) label Brace Cove Records.

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