PTM Podcast: Crying for fun with Katharine Seggerman of Lunch Duchess

Lunch Duchess
Lunch Duchess (Photo: Chloe Krenz)

The phrase “Crying for fun” might sound like a contradiction — but this emotional tug-of-war is just kind of subject matter that musician and songwriter Katharine Seggerman loves. Katharine is the drummer, vocalist, and songwriter for the Minneapolis band Lunch Duchess, which released their debut album, Crying for Fun on August 16 via Heavy Meadow Records.

Crying for Fun showcases Katharine’s talent for tackling personal and heavy topics — and making them fun. The album navigates the messy boundaries of love, bodily autonomy, and female sexuality, all with a playful ease. Katharine’s background as a drummer fills Lunch Duchess’ songs with a patchwork of time signatures and musical influences, from math rock to grunge. 

In this episode, I talk to Katharine about her musical background, humor-infused approach to songwriting, and journey to releasing her first full-length album with Lunch Duchess. You can see Lunch Duchess perform Crying for Fun at Mortimers Bar & Restaurant in Minneapolis this Saturday, August 31.

You can stream the episode using the player above, or subscribe via PodbeanApple Podcasts, and Spotify.

Songs included in this episode: “Cry Pt. II” and “Better” by Lunch Duchess

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