PTM Podcast: Building explosive moments with Miri and Mattie of Queen of Jeans

Queen of Jeans
Left to right: Patrick Wall, Miriam Devora, and Mattie Glass of Queen of Jeans. Photo: Bob Sweeney.

The first episode of the Pass The Mic Podcast is here! And I couldn’t have asked for a better way to kick off the podcast, than catching up with Miri Devora and Mattie Glass of Queen of Jeans.

The Philadelphia band just released their sophomore album, If you’re not afraid, I’m not afraid on Topshelf Records, and the album has quickly become one of my favorites of 2019. When they formed, Queen of Jeans was the first project where Miri was the bandleader and principal songwriter, and on If you’re not afraid, I’m not afraid, her stark lyrics and soft voice combine to create powerful moments of catharsis and personal growth.

I caught up with Miri and Mattie to talk about about how they formed Queen of Jeans (and forged the band’s name from a sexist, but iconic Philly landmark), recording with producer Will Yip, and creating explosive moments — both literal and musical — on their latest album.

You can stream the episode using the player above, or subscribe via Podbean and Apple Podcasts.

The Pass The Mic Podcast is produced by Allie Pasiuk and Colleen Cowie, and is presented by Renaissance People’s Media. If you want to support the people who make this podcast and Pass The Mic possible, you can head to our Patreon at

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