Gully Boys, Last Import, Lizzo, and Queen of Jeans: Music videos we can’t stop watching

Queen of Jeans Get Lost
Still from music video for “Get Lost” by Queen of Jeans.

July has been a slow month for Pass The Mic, because for the past few weeks I have been teaching guitar and coaching bands at Girls Rock n Roll Retreat, a Twin Cities music camp for girls, trans, and non-binary youth. I’ve already written many words about how much this camp and its mother organization She Rock She Rock means to me — GRRR gave me the confidence to find my voice as both a musician and a writer and introduced me to a network of some of the most supportive, talented people I know. Without it, Pass The Mic wouldn’t exist.

I’m returning from camp this year with a refreshed sense of inspiration and a whole lot of personal growth. Since I didn’t have as much time as usual to compile a monthly playlist of new music, I decided to switch it up and highlight some of the music videos that I can’t stop watching.

Gully Boys: “Neopet Graveyard”

Minneapolis trio Gully Boys hit the Mall of America for their first music video. “Neopet Graveyard” is from their debut album Not So Brave, which came out in September 2018. Colorful and pixelated shots cut between the mall’s aquarium and rollercoaster rides — and uncover the origins of this iconic tweet.

Last Import: “Lunar Rhapsody/(Fast Times At) Space Mountain”

Last Import released new visuals for two songs off of their self-titled debut album. The video begins with the mellow “Lunar Rhapsody,” accompanied by candid shots of the group from their recent U.S. tour as they travel through the NYC subway and drive along rural highways. The video transitions to concert footage from cities including Chicago, Nashville, and St. Louis, as the trio performs the upbeat “(Fast Times At) Space Mountain.”

Lizzo: NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Technically, this one isn’t a music video — and Lizzo did recently release a video for the Missy Elliott collab “Tempo” — but I couldn’t help but include Lizzo’s Tiny “Ass” Desk performance on the list. Lizzo begins by unleashing her vocal chops on “Cuz I Love You,” as she belts over her stripped-down backing band. And she doesn’t stop there; in the short set, Lizzo dazzles NPR’s office with her free-flowing banter and impressive flute shredding.

Queen of Jeans: “Get Lost”

“Get Lost” is the first of two music videos that Queen of Jeans have released ahead of their upcoming album If you’re not afraid, I’m not afraid. This song has been stuck in my head since the first listen, and the music video perfectly captures the song’s slow build into an explosive and cathartic release.

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