New Music Playlist: June 2019

NM June 2019
Top row left to right: Monica LaPlante, Gully Boys, Summer Cannibals, Crumb, Stef Chura; bottom row: Dizzy Fae, the Nunnery, Mannequin Pussy, Palehound, Fresh

June has come to a close — and certainly went out with a bang. With the sale of Taylor Swift’s masters to Scooter Braun sparking conversations about ownership in the music industry, Lil Nas X coming out as gay on the last day of Pride, and Janet Weiss announcing that she’s leaving Sleater-Kinney, there’s definitely a lot to talk about. But for now, we’re going to focus on the new music that came out this past month. Here’s a run-down of some of June’s new releases.

One of my most-anticipated releases of the summer was Jinx, the full-length debut from the band Crumb. I was first introduced to Crumb’s swirly, ethereal sound with their 2017 Locket EP, and could not wait for more new music from the New York band. Crumb have garnered the attention of indie rock titans like Pitchfork with this new release, a move that wouldn’t have been possible without the Richmond, VA record label Citrus City, which supported the band in their early years and reissued Locket on cassette tape.

The internet has not been able to stop talking about Patience, the latest album from Mannequin Pussy — and for good reason. The album careens from fast, cathartic explosions of sound (two of the album’s songs clock in at under a minute long) to introspective melodies. Favorite tracks: “Drunk II,” “Who You are.”

On Palehound’s third full-length album, Ellen Kempner wrangles insecurities, relationship anxieties, and longing into an intensely dynamic and relatable collection of songs. Kempner’s stellar guitar playing shines through on tracks like the acoustic “Worthy,” under strained, emotive vocals. “I think I hate my body ’till it’s next to yours,” Kempner sings in the song’s opening verse.

A personal favorite this month has been We Are the Stars, from the Nunnery. The Nunnery is the solo project of Minneapolis singer Sarah Elstran, who creates colorful landscapes through vocal and drum loops. Elstran’s voice swells throughout the album, showing the artist’s talent in creating richly textured songs with just her voice. Listening to We Are the Stars feels like lying in an open field, feeling the tickle of dandelions on your skin and feeling awed by just how expansive and beautiful the world can be.

Other Twin Cities releases from this month include the single “Little Brother” from the band Gully Boys (released as a split with the song “Caffeine” by Niiice.), energetic punk from Monica LaPlante, and the eagerly awaited No GMO Mixtape from Dizzy Fae.

You can listen to these songs, and the rest of the playlist using the player below.

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