Five music podcasts made by women you need to know about

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I have to admit, I was pretty late to hop onto the podcast trend. I couldn’t seem to find the right time in my day to listen to a podcast, plus once I started looking into music podcasts, to little surprise, there were few female and non-binary voices in the mix.

But as I kept digging into the realm of music podcasts, I began to discover some exciting and unique voices. Since producing a podcast requires little more than a microphone (a laptop or smartphone will do the trick) and a simple audio editing interface, it makes it easy for pretty much anyone to get their voice out there.

So here are a few of my faves: five music podcasts produced and/or hosted by women. Some focus on interviews with artists, others round up the latest music news, or provide insight into the music industry.

Angry Grrrl Music of the Indie Rock Persuasion

Angry Grrrl Music of the Indie Rock Persuasion

First of all, can we talk about the name? If you grew up watching the late ’90s classic 10 Things I Hate About You you’ll recognize the reference to protagonist Kat Stratford’s love of “thai food, feminist prose, and angry girl music of the indie rock persuasion.” This podcast features long-form interviews with a variety of indie rock and pop artists like Alien Boy, Cumulus, and Remember Sports.

Amanda Starling has been hosting and producing the podcast since 2016 from Gainesville, FL. While her guests hail from all over, she provides insight into the local scene, talking about some of her favorite venues and events in the city, like the annual music festival, THE FEST.

If you’re looking for: long-format interviews with musicians/industry professionals, insider info on the Gainesville, FL music scene

Listen: iTunes/Spotify

Good as Hell


Back in January, pop sensation and self-care icon Lizzo introduced her podcast Good as Hell, in collaboration with Spotify and Refinery 29. In each episode of the podcast, which self-describes as a “safe-space for the baddest women in music,” Lizzo sits down with a different musical icon, including Lil’ Kim, Kehlani and Trina.

The podcast is packed full of Lizzo’s infectious upbeat energy and deep personal knowledge of the music industry. Listening to an episode feels less like listening to an interview, and more like catching up and gossiping with two good friends. Evidently, I have a lot to say about this podcast, so if you want to learn more you can check out my thoughts here.

If you’re looking for: casual interviews, heartwarming unfiltered banter

Listen: iTunes/Spotify

Rebel Hearts


Sam Mazza started Rebel Hearts in 2017 as an outlet for sharing her passion for music as well as to “educuate and talk about the sexism within our music scene and celebrate the women in it.” Like Angry Grrrl Music, Rebel Hearts gets its name from a quote from a film, (500) Days of Summer. 

The podcast follows a fairly fluid structure, with episodes ranging from music news recaps to conversations with her friends about their current musical favorites, and more recently, interviews with artists.

If you’re looking for: hot takes on the latest music news, long-format interviews

Listen: iTunes/Soundcloud

Interning 101


I wish that I had had this podcast in my life two or three years ago. Interning 101 is based off of a book by the same name, written by Emily White. In the podcast, White shares information on how to land your dream internships and get the most out of the opportunities that you land.

While the podcast provides helpful insight that is applicable to any career path, many of the episodes center around the music industry. White shares her own path from growing up in a small Wisconsin town to studying music business in college and interning with the Dresden Dolls. Episodes include interviews with professionals from the music industry and beyond, as well as “mini episodes” in which White shares tips and anecdotes from her book.

If you’re looking for: career guidance, professional inspiration, music industry insight

Listen: iTunes/Spotify

The Grey Estates Podcast


In 2013, Lauren Rearick launched The Grey Estates, one of the most influential indie music blogs and an all-around badass feminist platform for featuring new music. Rearick and Noah Jones co-host the Grey Estates Podcast, which features interviews with some of the bands they love.

As an extension of the blog, the podcast carries the same passionate and endearing tone as Rearick’s writing, exposing her love of listening to and promoting music. Past podcast guests include Anna Burch, Sidney Gish, and music promoter Jamie Coletta.

If you’re looking for: interviews with artists/bands, endearing co-host banter

Listen: iTunes/Stitcher

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