New Music Playlist: August 2018

NM August 2018
Top row left to right: Soccer Mommy, Mitski, Dizzy Fae, the Beths, Your Smith; bottom row: Robyn, Alien Boy, Ian Sweet, Devata Daun, boygenius

It’s the beginning of a new month, which means it’s time for me to round up some of my favorite releases of the past 31 days in a New Music Playlist! August brought a slew of new tracks from some of my favorite local artists including EP’s from Your Smith and Devata Daun, a new full-length album from Bad Bad Hats, and a single from Dizzy Fae.

One of my most anticipated releases of August (or all of 2018, really) was Mitski’s fifth album, Be the Cowboy. Although the album is only 32 minutes long, its 14 songs transport its listeners through stripped down piano ballads, fierce rock anthems, and catchy disco grooves. I first discovered Mitski through the immensely vulnerable and tear-inducing songwriting on 2014’s Bury Me At Makeout Creek. Since then, Mitski has cut back on the personal narratives in her songs, instead crafting complex characters and fictional environments that reveal sharp criticism of today’s world.

Local singer Devata Daun followed up her 2016 debut L o o k with the EP Pye Luis. The EP started as instrumental tracks written by Pye Luis, which Devata Daun added vocals to. You can read more about Pye Luis in my conversation with Devata Daun.

Lucy Dacus, Phoebe Bridgers, and Julien Baker have teamed up to form a new supergroup, boygenius. The trio are releasing a collaborative EP on Matador Records, and released three singles from it this month. Each of the singles were written by one of the songwriters, and showcase each one’s distincive songwriting, fleshed out by the musical intuition of the other two.

You can listen to these tracks, and check out the full playlist using the player below.

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